PRO 110:V
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Heated Bag PRO 110/V


Besides the ski boot heating and drying system the PRO bag was designed to accommodate compartments for the specialized racer gear. The shin guards pocket is on the left side and the back protector has a pocked along the spine of the backpack. This is the only bag with additional, separate compartment on the top of the boots. Helmet is carried in outside compartment on the top of the bag and the goggles have a dedicated pocket in the front. One of the coolest addition of this bag is the heated changing feet pad located on the bottom of the bag. It gives you a clean and warm place to step and change in to the boots.
The backpack straps of the PRO bag are made big, comfortable and with middle chest connection . You can take the PRO bag to the race start and ski down with comfort.


Measurements- PRO- 62 liter- 25x43x58 cm. 10x17x23 inch
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