Resolve to Start Your 2018 on the Right Foot

A new year is suddenly upon us. Tis the season for talk of turning over a new leaf, making a fresh start. A time to think about ways to improve ourselves over the coming year. Resolutions come to us in many different ways, whether it be our own ideas or ideas we adapt from others. How do you go about forming your New Year’s Resolutions? Do you get excited to make a plan to stick to your goals? Do you make big resolutions or small resolutions?

A discussion about struggling to get around in the morning and hitting the thick ski traffic grew into an idea for a New Year’s Resolution for our family and hopefully will prove useful for all you as well. Ski and/or race mornings are crazy in our house. It seems no matter what time we wake, we scramble to get out the door on time. Between getting the kids and yourself ready, finding all the equipment, making twenty trips to the car, the morning turns to chaos and you haven’t left the driveway. Then you get to the resort and you find yourself wondering how to carry everything, searching for a spot to get dressed in the lodge, fighting to get your feet in frigid boots, all in an effort to get out to the lift before the line is a mile long.

Which brings me to our Team Fuxi resolution: make ski mornings a little less chaotic with better preparation. Want to join together for a smoother ski mornings? What if we told you Team Fuxi can help get you off the ski morning struggle bus? Our heated boot bags will turn frustrated grimaces into endearing smiles making mornings infinitely more pleasant!

The first question I know many of you will have is how can a heated boot bag get me more organized for ski mornings? First off, you can put ALL of your gear inside it. My son can fit everything he needs for the day in his Ajax model. This includes his helmet, boots, balaclava, goggles, coat, pants, hat, layers, snacks, and his water bottle. He puts everything in the night before and has a sense of accomplishment when finished. I do the same for my husband and I. We have the Pro model and I put in goggles, layers, helmets, gloves, balaclavas, and both pairs of our boots, which is no easy task as my husband is a size 14 (30.5) boot! The bags have eliminated the ten trips to the car. Now we make one trip to the car, backpack on back, skis on shoulder. Boom…we are on the road!

The next question you might ask is, why do I need to spend the money for the heated bag, won’t another bag serve the same purpose? Here’s the rub, the first time we used the heated boot bag, my 5 year old son put his boots on BY HIMSELF. The heat from the bag makes the plastic incredibly pliable, like butter almost. Your foot glides in and is snuggled in warm, blissful comfort. A room temperature boot is at most 68 degrees, which means the plastic is still stiff, making it a chore to get on your boots. Then when you put your foot in, the boot actually pulls heat from your foot making your feet cold before you walk out of the lodge. With a heated boot, the boot is warmer than your body temperature, meaning toasty feet on that bitterly cold first chair ride. Don’t the boots get cold on the drive to the resort, you may ask? No, they don’t, thanks to a 12V adapter you can keep them toasting in your car.

For our family, having a bag on the hill during race and practice days is huge. We can keep snacks, extra layers, drinks, and other incidentals right at the Start Haus. It has streamlined our mornings and saved countless trips to the lodge. For all you racers, a heated boot bag is a must have. Fuxi won’t leave home without his and there is a reason all of the top World Cup racers have a heated boot bag at the Start Haus.

As for the specs, all bags are constructed with Denier 600 Nylon and include a heated step pad, tons of pockets, backpack straps, shoulder straps, and a 120V AC to use at home and a 12V to keep your boots warm in the car. The bag is equipped with three heat settings and comes with a 2 year warranty! The heated boot bag comes in three models listed from largest to smallest:

Pro – The largest of the line up and the MUST HAVE bag for racers. It includes pockets for your shin guards and plenty of space for your coat and extra layers. This is Fuxi’s choice bag.

Classic – The most popular bag in our line-up and the perfect bag for moms and dads. Fits everything you need, hats, goggles, layers, socks, etc, and carries comfortably.

Ajax – This one is ideal for the junior skier; my 5 year old can carry all his gear, by himself, in his Ajax heated bag.

Want to join us in our resolution to make ski mornings more organized and more comfortable? Order your heated boot bag today and Team Fuxi will cover the shipping for you until 11:59PM, December 31, 2017. You read that right, FREE SHIPPING! Stock is EXTREMELY limited on the PRO bags and limited on the Classic and Ajax models. Don’t go into the busiest month of skiing disorganized and with stiff, cold boots. Let’s make it our resolution to start 2018 on the warm, right foot!

Once you receive your bag, be sure to share with us your heated boot bag setups on social media with the hashtag, #TeamFuxi.

Happiest of New Year wishes to all of you,

Team Fuxi

Composed by Fuxi Racing USA contributor, Stephanie Mullins-Masters