Team Fuxi’s Ski Fast Spotlight

Welcome to our first ever Team Fuxi Ski Fast Spotlight! The idea for this feature came to me in November when my path crossed with a few of you at Copper Mountain. As I become more involved in ski racing community, I find myself more and more impressed by the passionate, strong, kind, helpful, and inspiring individuals that compose this outstanding sports community. It took me a bit to nail down the concept, but a few weeks ago, we sent out a Casting Call e-mail to all of our mailing list subscribers. We love our athletes and felt each one of our amazing racers deserved his/her own moment in the spotlight. We hope you enjoy getting to know your fellow racers.

Hunter Kahn at NASTAR Nationals in Aspen, CO

First up is Hunter Kahn, age 17, from St. Paul, Minnesota.

What is your ski club?
“I am the Captain of Stillwater High School Varsity Ski Team.”

When did you start skiing and when did you start ski racing?
“My dad took me to Trollhaugen in Dresser Wi. They had a camp that day and I poached some turns in there course. They stop and cheered me on.”

Where is your home resort and what is your favorite run there?
“We train at Afton Alps, however my favorite run is skiing the woods at Heavenly.”

Who is your favorite skier/racer – or skier/racer you admire?
“I appreciate them all, however I did like Bodie Miller.”

Why do you enjoy ski racing?
“I like the sound of smashing gates.”

What is your best ski racing memory?
“Winning Nastar Nationals in Aspen.” (Platinum Division)

What is your proudest moment on the hill?
“NASTAR Nationals.”

What are your interests outside of ski racing?
“I want to go to MIT so my school work is important. I have a job in the summer and hanging out with my friends.”

Do you listen to music before a race? What songs are on your playlist?
“Been listening to a lot of Weezer lately.”

What is your your favorite quote or favorite inspirational story?
“Send it!”

Share one interesting fact about you that many may not know.
“I am kind of a Star Wars nut.”

Do you participate in any community or volunteer organizations? If so, tell us about them.
“For school I have been doing a youth teaching program that I like.”

Thank you, Hunter, for sharing a bit about yourself with the Team Fuxi community. We wish you all the best at MIT and hope you will still have time to bash the gates between hitting the books!

Did you miss the email and wish you could participate in the fun? Don’t fret! You can still be included in our Ski Fast Spotlight. Send your action photos in your Fuxi Flash gear to

Keep on carving!