Team Fuxi’s Ski Fast Spotlight

Welcome to our second installment of the Team Fuxi Ski Fast Spotlight!

The idea for this feature came to me in November when my path crossed with a few of you at Copper Mountain. As I become more involved in ski racing, I find myself continually impressed by the passionate, strong, kind, helpful, and inspiring individuals that compose this outstanding sports community. About a month ago, we sent out an email casting call to our subscribers. We love our athletes and felt each one of our amazing racers deserved his/her own moment in the spotlight. We hope you enjoy getting to know your fellow racers.

Kai Ogawa nailing the early turn at Beaver Creek, Colorado

This week we bring you Kai Ogawa, U14 competitor with Ski Club Vail.

When did you start skiing and when did you start ski racing?
“I started skiing when i was 1 year old and started racing when i was 7.”

Where is your home resort and what is your favorite run there?
“My home resort is vail and my favorite run is wfo.”

Who is your favorite skier/racer – or skier/racer you admire?
“My favorite ski racer is Aksel Lund Svindal.”

Why do you enjoy ski racing?
“I enjoy ski racing because of the adrenaline you get from going fast.”

What is your best ski racing memory?
“My best skiing memory was going to the night dual slalom in Steamboat.”

What is your proudest moment on the hill?
“My proudest moment was getting 2nd at the Ski Cooper SG.”

What are your interests outside of ski racing?
“My interests outside of skiing are football and basketball.”

Do you listen to music before a race? What songs are on your playlist?
“The music i listen to before a race is usually Green Day or Nirvana.”

What is your favorite quote or favorite inspirational story?
“My favorite quote is “Life doesn’t get easier you just get stronger.””

What is one interesting fact about you that many may not know?
“One interesting fact about me is that i like to cook.”

Thank you, Kai, for sharing a bit about yourself with the Team Fuxi community. It is amazing you were on skis at one! Keep on loving the sport and we wish you continued success.

Did you miss the email casting call and wish you could participate in the fun? Don’t fret! You can still be included in our Ski Fast Spotlight. Send your action photos in your Fuxi Flash gear to

Keep on carving!