Team Fuxi’s Ski Fast Spotlight

Welcome to another installment of the Team Fuxi Ski Fast Spotlight!

The idea for this feature came to me in November when my path crossed with a few of you at Copper Mountain. As I become more involved in ski racing, I find myself continually impressed by the passionate, strong, kind, helpful, and inspiring individuals that compose this outstanding sports community. Earlier this season, we sent out an email casting call to our subscribers. We love our athletes and felt each one of our amazing racers deserved his/her own moment in the spotlight. We hope you enjoy getting to know your fellow racers.

Spencer Peterson, U14, Ski Club Vail, ripping through a Beaver Creek GS

This week the spotlight lands on Spencer Peterson, U14, with Ski Club Vail.

When did you start skiing and when did you start ski racing?
“I started skiing when I was 2 years old. My mom taught me how to ski at Northstar in CA. I used to like riding the bus and the gondola, but my favorite part about skiing was M&M’s and hot chocolate. “

Where is your home resort and what is your favorite run there?
“Powder Day-Back Bowls of course, Lindsey’s for GS training and for SL Christmas.”

Who is your favorite skier/racer – or skier/racer you admire?
“Ted Ligety.”

Why do you enjoy ski racing?
“ It’s fun, I like the challenge and going fast.”

What is your best ski racing memory?
“Best memory was last season’s (2016-2017) SL races at Eldora Mtn. I had 3 podium finishes out of 4 races I competed in”

What are your interests outside of ski racing?
“Lacrosse, Mtn.Biking, Wake Surfing, camping, wood working.”

Do you listen to music before a race? Yes What songs are on your playlist?
“Yes, Green Day, Charlie Daniels, Kansas, Kiss, Van Halen.”

What is your favorite ski quote or inspirational story?
““It’s OK to be scared, being scared means you are about to do something really, really brave” Author unknown.”

Share one interesting fact about you that many may not know.
“I have a large family. I have 22 first cousins and 32 second cousins!!”

Do you participate in any community or volunteer organizations? If so, tell us about them.
“During the school year we have service days. For service days I’ve helped with Starting Hearts, working at Horse Mtn. Rescue and other community events. These are some my favorites things to do. I am also on student council representing the 7th grade.”

Thank you, Spencer, for sharing a bit about yourself with the Team Fuxi community. I hope M&Ms and hot chocolate still find their way into ski days! Your favorite quote is one I will pocket and share with my son; it recognizes vulnerability, but gives confidence to challenge that vulnerability. I love it. We wish you continued success and hope you finish the season in a way that makes you smile!

Did you miss the email casting call and wish you could participate in the fun? Don’t fret! You can still be included in our Ski Fast Spotlight. Send your action photos in your Fuxi Flash gear to

Keep on carving!