Slytech Protective Pants NoShock from Shred are a snowboard and ski protection garment featuring SLYTECH NOSHOCK technology for complete lower body protection. The lower back and coccyx paddings can be removed to maximise comfort when using a Back Protector.


Tech Features

  • SLYTECH 2ND SKiN XT - Proprietary foam that intelligently and progressively adapts to different forces and impact speeds for thorough protection-even in low energy crashes. Simply put, it stays flexible when you ride, then hardens and protects you when you crash
  • SLYTECH NOSHOCK - Patent pending honeycomb cone structure that further increases the performance of both safety and comfort of the proprietary Slytech 2ND SKiN? XT foam, reduces weight and promotes ventilation
  • HARDWARE FREE - Hard plastic can cause injury, even if it's only a strap adjuster. We chose to eliminate any possible hard plastic components from our products
  • PROGRESSIVE IMPACT INTELLIGENCE - Our protectors intelligently and progressively adapt to the different energies and speeds of impact to always provide complete protection
  • TOXIC FREE - Our protectors are completely Formamide free, non-allergenic and don't contain harmful substances
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