Are you ready to make a statement?

Order your CUSTOM FuxiFLASH Alpine Race Suit NOW

1. Get creative! Head over to the Fuxi Racing USA Design Center to design your custom race suit – DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS SITE
2. To order: Email: a screen shot of your selection

  • Junior Suits Padded: $355.00
  • Junior Suits Non Padded: $335.00
  • Adult One Piece Suits Padded: $455.00
  •  Adult One Piece Suits Non Padded: $435.00
  • Adult Two Piece Suits Padded: $495.00
  • Adult Two Piece Suits Non Padded: $475.00
  • Drop shipment direct to you from manufacturer: $25.00
  • Ship to shop for pickup: $15.00 (Colorado, Winter/Oregon, Summer)
  • Text Customization: $25.00

Please call daaa Fux if you have?

Fuxi HOTLINE: 970-376-1288