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Franz Fuchsberger



Chief FLASHMeister

Fuxi built Fuxi Racing by selling suits out of the back of his truck. Today, we offer the most innovative race suit on the market, our signature product, along with everything you need to make you fast on snow.  

Meri Stratton

Administrative Manager



In the 90’s I worked for the US Ski Team managing the Masters program among other jobs working with the team. Earlier, as a Masters racer, I had a crazy idea and invited all our ski race friends to Mt Hood for a summer race. By 2001, I had met Franz Fuchsberger (Fuxi) who then was Schneider Racing USA, and he wanted to be a race sponsor. Shortly thereafter, he started Fuxi Racing USA. Thru the years, we became friends working together on the sponsorship of the Summer Fun Nationals while he was running his business. Magically, the years flew by and I found myself not only with the administration and promotion of Summer Fun Nationals but also helping Fuxi with various aspects of Fuxi Racing. Today, he fondly calls me his troubleshooter but he has given me the title of Administrative Manager because I do a wide variety.


Drake Masters

Ambassador and Shop Assistant

Fuxi met Drake when Drake was four years old while racing his first-ever race, the Cooper Cup, after only learning to ski two months prior. Fux saw something in Drake that day and Drake instantly thought Fux was the coolest dude around. Instant friendship. Fux ignited the ski racing flame in Drake and continues to stoke the flame year-after-year. Drake is proud to be a part of #TeamFUXI.


When he isn't skiing, reading, or playing LEGO, Drake enjoys helping out at events and at the Fuxi Racing 1-Stop-Shop.

The FuxiFLASH Family

Fuxi has a soft spot for wayward souls. These Oregon Natives were sad and lonely at a Hood River Goodwill shop. Fux couldn't bear to leave them behind. Next time you are in the Fuxi Racing 1-Stop-Shop be sure to stop and meet the family: SPÃTLZEE, SCHNITZEL, BLACKIE, ZORRITO, FUXITA STRUDEL, FUXITO, and POW POW sporting his Powder8 bib.

Stephanie Masters

Website Manager

Fuxi and Stephanie met through her son, Drake. When she allowed her 4-year-old to enter his first race, a little town race at the mountain where the Masters' Family had only learned to ski two months prior, her son met a wildly eccentric man and a passion for ski racing was born in her little boy. Here we are 5 years later and Stephanie now works managing the website you see here for that wildly eccentric man she met that fateful day. When not helping out Fux, Stephanie enjoys backpacking and fly fishing with her son, Drake, and husband, Dustin. 

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