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  • Stephanie Mullins-Masters

Meet Team FR - Drake Masters, Ambassador & Shop Helper

Updated: Jun 2, 2021

Fuxi met Drake when Drake was four years old while racing his first-ever race, the Copper Cup, after only learning to ski two months prior. Fux saw something in Drake that day and Drake instantly thought Fux was the coolest dude around. Instant friendship. Drake holds the coveted title of Fuxi's youngest sponsored athlete at 5 years-old. Fux ignited the ski racing flame in Drake and continues to stoke the flame year-after-year. At the beginning of the 19/20 season, Fux brought Drake a trophy. He asked Drake to hold it up every night and let out a celebratory yell. This nightly ritual took Drake's intensity to its highest level yet. Drake is proud to be a part of #TeamFUXI. When he isn't skiing or playing LEGO, Drake enjoys helping out at events and at the Fuxi Racing 1-Stop-Shop.

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