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    Our hot gear bag HEATS your boots and gear so your boots are easy to put on and your feet and hands stay warm for hours!

    Why? Because the plastic is soft and pliable, so boots are easy to put on.  The liners are warm so they mold to your feet for more comfort.  When your boots are HOT, they heat your feet and don't take the heat away from your feet as even a room temp boot does.  Your body is at 98.6 degrees, right?  Your boots are room temperature, 68 degrees at best.  Without a Hot Bag so your boots suck the heat out of your feet, and as soon as you go outside your feet are COLD, not to mention the effect of the outside temperatures. Simple physics. With a HOT BAG, the opposite happens... The boots heat your feet so that when you go outside your feet stay warm for hours!


    MARCEL HIRSCHER during his STELLAR Career Relied on his Heated BOOT BAG Model PRO! Why would you not want to be a HAPPY owner of the most beloved Heated Boot/Gear Bag in the business as BODE was the first ENDORSER of Fuxi’s beloved HEATED BOOT BAG? Fuxi would NEVER leave home without it as nothing beats COMFORT getting a Good Ski or Race Day kicked off besides Traveling with Style!


    Ajax: A smaller model that fits into an airplane overhead bin! Still holds helmet, gloves, goggles, etc.


    Classic: The most popular because it can hold all of a skier's gear! Boots, hats, gloves, helmet, goggles, socks, etc. And they are HOT!


    Pro: Designed for the ski racer. Big and roomy for all gear, including pockets for shin guards and space for a coat., etc. Most ALL World Cup racers have a Hot Bag. Do you?


    Tech Features

    • Denier 600 Nylon HD construction
    • Heated step pad
    • Pockets galore
    • Backpack straps and shoulder strap
    • Three heat settings up to 165 degrees - 110 V AC /12V DC
    • Pro Capacity 2.5 cubic feet
    • Classic Capacity 1.8 cubic feet
    • Ajax Capacity 1.3 cubic feet


    Here are some Top Skiers who use the Hot Gear Bag:

    • Ted Liggety
    • Bode Miller
    • Marcel Hirscher
    • Didi Cuche
    • Daron Rahlves
    • Lara Gut
    • Aksel Svindal
    • The US Ski Team
    • Austrian Ski Team
    • Canadian Ski Team


    Companies that use the Hot Gear Bag:

    • Head
    • Atomic
    • Rossi
    • Lange


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