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  • Stephanie Mullins-Masters

Meet Team FR: Meri Stratton - Administrative Manager

Updated: Apr 16, 2020

In the 90’s I worked for the US Ski Team managing the Masters program among other jobs working with the team. Earlier, as a Masters racer, I had a crazy idea and invited all our ski race friends to Mt Hood for a summer race.By 2001, I had met Franz Fuchsberger (Fuxi) who then was Schneider Racing USA, and he wanted to be a race sponsor.Shortly thereafter, he started Fuxi Racing USA. Thru the years, we became friends working together on the sponsorship of the Summer Fun Nationals while he was running his business.Magically, the years flew by and I found myself not only with the administration and promotion of Summer Fun Nationals but also helping Fuxi with various aspects of Fuxi Racing.Today, he fondly calls me his troubleshooter but he has given me the title of Administrative Manager because I do a wide variety.

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